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Carolina Counselor Winter 2019

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Special edition sponsored by NCAMCD

The education committee of the North Carolina Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development (NCAMCD) is offering an opportunity to NCCA members to participate in a publication experience. NCAMCD is calling for proposals for the NCCA Spring 2020 newsletter to sponsor a unique multicultural and social justice edition.

Interested individuals would be required to submit a one-page outline related to the theme of this year’s NCCA conference, Vision 20/20: Focusing our Vision on the Future of Counseling.  The articles in this special edition will emphasize uniting with a  multiculturalism mission. Counselors are invited to submit conceptual articles that focus on their individual roles and collaborative partnerships as leaders who utilize multicultural and social justice perspectives to examine, address, and
eliminate cultural barriers impeding client, counselor, and community advancement.

Timeline for NCAMCD Edition Submissions:
December 20, 2019: Call for proposals
January 17, 2020: Deadline for outline submissions. Please send abstract to
Dr. Natalie Spencer Gwyn at
January 31, 2020 : Written notifications from editors of outline approval
February 21, 2020: First draft of article due
March 7, 2020: Final article submission due
Approved articles will have a 1,500-word limit and be written in APA style. Please include a succinct (1 or 2 sentences biography, contact information, and photo for each author.  

Newsletter Submissions (does not apply for special NCAMCD edition)

Please consider submitting short articles, resource lists, personal reflections, pictures, news, and updates that you would like to share with members of our association.

Submissions should be 1 to 3 pages double-spaced.  Please include a succinct (1 or 2 sentences) biography, contact information, and photo for each author.  Email your submissions to Nicole Stargell at

Newsletter sections:

Branch News: News about the North Carolina branch of the American Counseling Association

Campus Happenings: News concerning student projects and student work in professional organizations such as local chapters of CSI and/or state, regional, and national counseling organizations

Diversity and Advocacy: Discussion of issues related to diversity, multicultural competency, and advocacy; may address the helping professions directly or indirectly

Division News: Any news related to NCCA division projects

Higher Education in NC: Comments on the state of higher education in North Carolina and tips for effective teaching/learning

Legislative News: State and national news concerning enacted and proposed policy changes related to professional counselors in any setting

Member Spotlight: NCCA members who deserve the spotlight! Please provide a photo of the nominee, a short summary of the member’s accomplishments, and contact information/photo of your nominee

Perspectives from the Field: Ethical issues in counseling, counseling theory/practice, and/or reflections on work as a student, professional counselor, counselor supervisor, counselor educator

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Twitter: @NC_Counselors


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