NCCDA Poetry Contest

51st  Annual Poetry and Poster Contest

The Joy of working:  Positive Approaches to Work, Career, & Life

To celebrate National Career Development Month, the National Career Development Association sponsors an annual Poetry & Poster Contest.  Every adult and student enrolled in public, private, and parochial schools are eligible.

To find out more about participating and to get the entry form and marketing materials, please visit:

The North Carolina Career Development Association is the proud sponsor of the State Poetry & Poster contest.  During the month of November, schools from across the state hold local, school and district contests to celebrate National Career Development Month.  Local winning entries in poetry, original art, and mixed media art are sent to the State Contest.  State winners move on to the National Contest.  North Carolina has had many national winners in the past.  We hope to have even more this year.

NCCDA Career Development Month 2016-2017 Poetry & Poster Contest Winners

Click on the names below for links to the winning submissions.


Primary Division (K-2)

1st place: Emma Shores, Morganton Day School – $50.00

Intermediate Division (3-5)

1st place: Holden Webb, Morganton Day School – $50.00
2nd place: Morgan Shores, Morganton Day School – $25.00
3rd place: Liam White-LeCroix, Marion Elementary School – $10.00

Middle Division (6-8)

1st place: Joseph Peed, Spring Hill Middle School- $50.00
2nd place: Jillian Good, First Flight Middle School – $25.00
3rd place: William Vanderberry, Wake Young Men’s Leadership Academy- $10.00

Senior Division (9-12)

1st place: Carrietta Classen, First Flight High School- $50.00
2nd place: Kiersten Frazee, Manteo High School – $25.00
3rd place: Rodney Malik Mouzan Jr., Lee County High School- $10.00

Adult Student Division (18+ Enrolled in School)

1st place: Maria Jimenez, Wilkes Community College – $50.00
2nd place: Isabel Palancios, Wilkes Community College – $25.00
3rd place: Blanca Salazar, Wilkes Community College – $10.00

Total Poetry Prizes  – $390


Primary Division (K-2)

1st place: Eli Simmons, Marion Elementary – $50.00
2nd place: Isabella Alicea, Marion Elementary School – $25.00
3rd place: Violet Parker, Marion Elementary School – $10.00

Intermediate Division (3-5)

1st place: Maylee Eaker, Marion Elementary School – $50.00
2nd place: Ella Scott, Morganton Day School – $25.00
3rd place: Zee O’Hagan, Morganton Day School – $10.00

Middle Division (6-8)

1st place: Samantha Collard, Spring Hill Middle School- $50.00
2nd place: Hannah Van Vlack, Cedar Creek Middle School – $25.00
3rd place: Elizabeth Morris, Cape Hatteras Secondary School – $10.00

Senior Division (9-12)

1st place: Laura Sullers, Shelby High School – $50.00
2nd place: Kierra Proctor, Shelby High School – $25.00
3rd place: Jesse Newland, Shelby High School – $10.00


Middle Division (6-8)

1st place: Quinn Vanischak, Manteo Middle School- $50.00
2nd place: Robert Peters, First Flight Middle School- $25.00
3rd place: Ragen Twiford, Manteo Middle School – $10.00

Senior Division (9-12)

1st place: Jacqueline Packard, First Flight High School – $50.00
2nd place: Tie! Leanna Buchanan & Nautalia Arteaga, Manteo High School – $25.00
3rd place: Leo Ross, First Flight High School – $10.00

Adult Student (18+ enrolled in school)

1st place: Marley Mayo, Wake Tech Community College – $50.00
2nd place: Victoria Mack, Wake Technical Community College – $25.00
3rd place: Megan Edwards, Wilkes Community College – $10.00

Open Adult (18+ not enrolled in school)

1st place: Ronda Branch, Shelby High School – $50
2nd place: Cindy Dunagan, Moorseville, NC – $25.00

Poster (Category 2) Prizes – $330

Total Amount for Prizes Awarded – $1060

13 Winners – 1st place (50$) = $650

12 Winners – 2nd place (25$) = $300

11 Winners – 3rd place (10$) = $110

36 Total Prize Winners = $1,060