North Carolina Association for Humanistic Counseling


The North Carolina Association for Humanistic Counseling is committed to the implementation of human development practices with emphasis on educating the whole person.

Mission Statement

We as an association strive to promote growth through dialogue, provide professional services through community networking, encourage continued research, data collection and analysis, and advocate for educational and organizational policies that will strengthen the knowledge of human development in schools, counseling agencies and beyond. We are motivated by sustainability in the field of mental health, with deep rooted foundations on the basis of a humanistic framework. It is crucial in the field of humanism that an individual is true to themselves in order to live their most fulfilling life; we promise to do so in order to honor the research conducted before us.

2020-2021 Officers

Merida Valera2 croppedPresident: Merida Valera

Jane WilliamsSecretary/Treasurer: Jane Williams

Amanda Warner croppedEvents Coordinator: Amanda Warner