NCAARC Exemplary Practices Award

NCAARC, State Branch of the National AARC, a Division of ACA, through its Exemplary Practices Award, will recognize a person who best exemplifies the mission of the NCAARC.

By annually giving this award, NCAARC seeks to acknowledge the rendering of important work in assessment/research.  Examples include outstanding use of assessment/research in counseling practice, publication of research that holds significance for the counseling profession, or creation of an exemplary counseling assessment.

Nominees are required to be members of NCAARC. Members of the NCAARC Executive Council and Co-Chairs of the Award Committee are not eligible to be nominated during their terms of service.

If you would like to nominate yourself or a deserving colleague for the NCAARC Exemplary Practices Award, please send your nomination to by January 17, 2020.  Awards will be announced at the NCCA Annual Conference in February 2020.

Please submit the following materials: 

All documents should be amalgamated into one .pdf file and submitted to the Award Committee. 

  1. A vita or resume for the individual being nominated.
  2. A nomination letter outlining how the nominee exemplifies the mission of the NCAARC and the important work they have done in assessment/research.
  3. Any supporting documents to provide evidence for the contribution of the individual.