North Carolina Counseling Journal

Philosophical Statement

The journal is committed to publishing conceptual and empirical work that promotes counseling in North Carolina and represents diversity in authorship. The journal is committed to being inclusive and encourages submission from students, practitioners, new and tenured professionals alike.

Journal Overview

The North Carolina Counseling Journal publishes practice, theory, and research articles across three areas each addressing an aspect of the counseling practice. The NCCJ publication is a collection of four to six manuscripts focused on research in the following areas:

1. Graduate Publications-Manuscripts in this category will include graduate student written works that reflect theoretical or empirical investigation that occurs as a part of graduate training.

2. Practitioner Publications-Manuscripts in this area may include thorough descriptions of activities, strategies, and techniques that have been developed and implemented by counselors.

3. Research in North Carolina-Manuscripts in this category will feature conceptual, position and/or research manuscripts on timely topics affecting counselors in North Carolina.

Publication Cycle

Due to COVID-19, a moratorium has been placed on the North Carolina Counseling Journal (NCCJ) for the 2020-21 academic year. Interested authors should reach out to the journal in September 2021. 

The Journal is published twice a year in April/May and October/November.

Manuscripts will be accepted up to February 28 of each year for review and potential inclusion in the April/May Journal. Manuscripts received after that date will be in a holding pattern until September 1 when the review process will begin for the October/November issue

Contact Information

For additional information please contact Dr. Jeffrey Warren at

Publication Cycle Board Member Recruitment

The North Carolina Counseling Journal is seeking qualified individuals with a demonstrated record of scholarship and commitment to advancing the counseling profession to serve as board members. Interested parties should email for an application.

Peer Reviewer Recruitment 

The North Carolina Counseling Journal is seeking qualified peer reviewers. The journal is committed to publishing conceptual and empirical work that promotes counseling in North Carolina and represents diversity in authorship. Become a peer reviewer and contribute towards emerging and innovative scholarship. Interested parties should email

NCCJ Author Guidelines

Please carefully read and adhere to the guidelines outlined below.

All articles should include:

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction that includes rationale and purpose.
  3. Relevance and support of the research supported by literature.
  4. A well-developed literature review including the study’s theoretical framework.
  5. Discussion Section
  6. Manuscripts should not exceed 20 pages, not including references.
  7. Double space all material
  8. Utilize concise headings within your manuscript
  9. NCCJ only accepts electronic manuscript submission. To submit a manuscript please email
  10. Send your manuscript in both PDF and HTML (word) formats.
  11. Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail. The editors will also inform you via e-mail once a decision has been made.
  12. APA guidelines must be adhered to for all NCCJ manuscripts.


In addition to the criteria outlined above empirical articles should include the following:

  1. Clear research question(s)
  2. Methodology including participants, instruments, variables and procedures
  3. Results summarizing the findings
  4. Research limitations, implications and recommendations for future investigations.
  5. No more than three tables/figures.