2015 NCCA Conference Photos, Presentations, and Awards


The Ella Stephens Barrett Award for Excellence in Professional Leadership – Sarah Moore Brookshire

The Devoted Service Award – Chris Greene

The Administrator of the Year Award – Kylie P. Dotson-Blake

The Beginning Counselor Award – Charla Suggs

Most Improved Division – The North Carolina Career Development Association

Most Effective Membership Drive/Recruitment – The North Carolina Association for Assessment in Counseling

Presentation Materials

Interventions for Addressing Co-Occurring Career and Mental Health Concerns – Kathryn Theall & Seth Hayden

Basic Training: Providing Counseling Services to Military Families – Angela Shores

Academic Access for Diverse Learners Through UDL – Daryl Bruner

Christian Meditation and the Emotionally Healthy Counselor – Chapman

School Counselors’ Perceptions of the Mental Health Needs of Rural Children and Adolescents – Kathryn Kelly, Mihaela Henderson, Angela McDonald, & Ki Chae

Helping to Improve School Climate: A Counselor’s Responsibility in Being Culturally Sensitive – Demetrise Cobb

Embracing the Silence T: Creating and Facilitating Community-Based Transgender Youth Support Groups – Carrie Barto & Adam Carter

Entrepreneurship 101 for Helping Professionals – Cyndi Briggs

Ethical Use of Social Media in Counseling – Lisen Roberts & Luke Gill

A Theoretical Exploration of Teacher Efficacy Beliefs: Implications for Educational Practice – Jeffrey Warren & Robyn Hale

Mejorando Matrimonios: Strategies for Working with Hispanic Couples & Handout – Daniel Gutierrez & Emily Teaque-Palmieri

Navigating the World of Distance Counseling: A Look at Legal, Ethical, and Technology Concerns – Kathleen Kellum

Resources for the Warrior Culture & Handout – Angela Shores, Alyssa Gardner, Melanie Coggins, & Laura Ashley Gaffney

Sexual Addiction: Implications for Mental Health Professionals & Handouts One, Two, Three – Elvita Kondili

The Relationship with Companions Animals: Implications for Counseling – Tracie Barton-Barrett

When They Grow Up: K-12 Career Exploration and Development Programs – Jennifer Barrow & Angela Shores


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