2014 NCCA Conference Photos, Presentations, and Awards

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Don C. Locke (photo)

2014 Annual Meeting Lunch (photo)

NCCA Past President (photo)

NCCA Awards

The Beginning Counselor Award – Michael Grabiec (NCSU Alumni)  (photo)

The Devoted Service Award – Dr. Angela McDonald (UNC-Pembroke)

The Professional Writing and/or Research Award – Dr. Laura Gonzalez (UNC –Greensboro) (photo)

The Innovative/Creativity in Counseling Award – Dr. Marc Gimmett (NCSU)

The NCCA 2014 Administrator of the Year  – Dr. J. Scott Young

The Special Citizen’s Merit Award – Art Constantini

The Ella Stephens Barrett Award – Louise Glenn  (photo)

NCCA Graduate Student Research Grant Award

–          Lyn Tovar  (NCSU)

–          Emily Donald (UNC-Charlotte)


Most Effective Membership Drive – NC Career Development Association (NCCDA) (photo)

Most Improved Division – NC Association of Counselor Education and Supervision (NCACES)


NCACES Outstanding Doctoral Student Award (photo)


Girls Can Do That Too! Risk and Protective Factors in Delinquency Prevention – Phyllis Robertson & Melodie Frick     Handout

Family Support in Special Needs Families – Suzy Ward & Jessica Hudgens

Using Child-Centered Group Play Therapy to Impact Social and Behavioral Impairments – Theresa Kascsak & Erin Braunschweiger

Infusing Intentionality into Career Decision-Making for Women College Students – Megan Tajlili

Working with North Carolina’s Latino Immigrant Families – Laura Gonzalez

Finding Your Advocacy and Leadership Voice in a Pluralistic Society – Shon Smith

Implications of Childhood Trauma and Ethno-racial Diversity – Shamanda Bruston

Using Play-Based Supervision Techniques – Adam Carter Color Your Body Handout

Too Close to Home: Providing Grief Counseling to Children After a Traumatic Loss – Adam Carter

Journeys in the Land of the Loss: Supporting Grieving Children and Adolescents – Gary Mauk & Bruce Garris

–Rediscovering Our Ability to Nurture with TA – Timothy Hunt                                            Self Assessment Questionnaire / Self Assessment Stage Questionnaire / TA Theory Basics

Guide to Step Parenting and Blended Families Handout – Craig Smith

He, She, Zie or Somewhere in Between: Working with Transgender Children and Adolescents – Angela Brooks-Livingston