Please Support a Ban on Conversion Therapy

The North Carolina legislature is considering a bill which would ban conversion therapy from being performed on minors and disabled adults. The American Counseling Association formally opposes conversion therapy because it violates our Code of Ethics, can cause harm to patients, and attempts to provide “therapy” to something that is not a mental disorder.  Please send the following email to your representatives in Raleigh in support of the bill. You can add your own thoughts to the message.

Click the link below to log in and send your message:

Also in support of this legislation, the North Carolina Counseling Association signed on as a Coalition Partner with Born Perfect NC. Born Perfect NC is the campaign to protect young people across the state from “conversion therapy” and send the message that LGBTQ youth should feel safe, supported, and affirmed. Learn more about Born Perfect NC and the proposed legislation happening around conversion or reparative therapy below.

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