NC Criminal Justice Fellows Program

This past summer, the N.C. Criminal Justice Fellows Program (CJFP) was passed by the North Carolina legislature.

The mission of the Criminal Justice Fellows Program is to recruit talented high school seniors and graduates into the criminal justice profession. Each year this program will fund fellowships for high school seniors and graduates in eligible counties who have exhibited high academic achievement, a history of service to the school and community, and a desire to serve the state of N.C. in a field within the criminal justice profession.

The Criminal Justice Fellows Program will provide forgivable educational loans for high school seniors and graduates in eligible counties who agree to enter a criminal justice profession in an eligible county in N.C. This fellowship will fund an Applied Associate Degree in Criminal Justice or Committee approved related field of study, from any North Carolina Community college. Students who receive the educational loan would have 5 years to repay, though it would be forgiven if they enter and remain in a criminal justice profession within N.C. for 4 years in an eligible county.

The types of jobs that the fellows can go into include: state and local sworn law-enforcement officers, state correctional officers, sworn sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, detention officers, state juvenile justice officers, and telecommunicators under the direct supervision of a law enforcement agency and other correctional officers maintained by local governments and juvenile justice agencies.

One hundred fellowships will be awarded each year and the first class will begin in the fall of 2019. The closing date this year for the application for the Criminal Justice Fellows Program is April 30th, 2019.

Criminal Justice Fellows Program Brochure
Criminal Justice Fellows Program Flyer

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