2019 NCCA Annual Awards Announced

NCCA is pleased to announce 2019 Annual Award Winners presented at the NCCA Annual Conference February 21, 2019.

  • Don C. Locke Multicultural & Social Justice Award – Inaugural award presented to Dr. Phyllis Post
  • Jane E. Myers Wellness Counseling Award – Inaugural award presented to Dr. Stephen Kennedy
  • Administrator of the Year Award – Molly Hayes
  • Innovation/Creativity in Counseling Award – Dr. Nicole Stargell
  • Professional Writing and/or Research Award – Dr. Allison Crowe
  • Beginning Counselor Award – Sarah Mehta

Division Recognition Awards:

  • Most Improved Division – NCAARC – NC Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling, Award presented to NCAARC President Todd Bolin
  • Most Effective Membership Drive/Recruitment – NCGSA – NC Graduate Student Association, President Chris Hieb
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