Call for Newsletter Submissions – Deadline Jan. 16th

Dear NCCA Members,
Please consider submitting short articles, personal reflections on counseling or counseling-related topics, pictures of you or other NCCA members, division news, best practices, or any other items you would like to share with members of our association for inclusion in the upcoming winter edition of the Carolina Counselor. Suggestions for submission to specific newsletter sections are listed below with the corresponding email for the editor of that section. Not sure what section your submission would fall under? Just email your submission to Kathryn Kelly, the newsletter editor, at The deadline for submissions is Friday, January 16th, 2015!

Legislative News: State and national news concerning enacted and proposed policy changes related to professional counselors in any setting. Please email submissions to Mishelle Lockerby at

Division News: Any news related to division projects (present or future), conferences, workshops, etc. Please email submissions to Shanna Bell at

Perspectives from the Field: Submissions could focus on ethical issues in counseling, counseling theory and/or practice, reflections on your work as a student, professional counselor, counselor supervisor, counselor educator, etc. Please email submissions to Emily Donald at

Around Campus: Any news concerning student projects, professional organizations (such as CSI chapters), counseling program honors and certifications, etc. Please email submissions to Emily Gray at

Member spotlight: Nominate NCCA members you feel deserve the spotlight! Please provide contact information for your nominee. Please email submissions to Sandy Burleson at

NC Diversity and Advocacy News: Discussion of issues related to diversity, multicultural competency, and advocacy; topics could include discussions surrounding issues of race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, religion, socioeconomic status, etc. in North Carolina. These topics may address the helping professions directly or indirectly. Please email submissions to Joy McNeill at

Thanks in advance for submitting!

Kathryn Kelly

Editor, Carolina Counselor


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