Call to Join NCCA Government Relations Subcommittee

Interested in current affairs in the counseling world? Ever think about having a voice in decisions about counselors working in certain settings (VA) and how they are paid (Medicare)? I am your NCCA Member at Large (Government Relations). I applied for this position because I wanted to learn more about what was happening in our field, get more involved, and encourage other NCCA members to become advocates for the counseling profession. Let’s face it with all the changes going on today in healthcare…we need to be involved and make sure our voices are being heard!

If you would like to serve on a Government Relations Subcommittee please contact me. Your role would be to attend a meeting(s) in your area (I will be in charge of knowing when/where the meetings will take place) and to report back to the sub-committee what you learned.  The meetings might include (but are not limited to) LPCANC, NCBLPC, and Professional Associations Council (PAC). Importantly, attendance at PAC meetings requires paying dues, so we need to make sure that we have NCCA members who are interested in attending. I will attend meetings in my area as well and update everyone on our findings through the NCCA newsletter.

I hope everyone enjoys their summer and be sure to contact me if you want to be involved in government relations!

Atticia P. Bundy, Phd, LPC, NCC


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