Letter from the NCCA President

Greetings!  As you may be aware, Chris Greene recently resigned as President of our association.  Not long ago, she was appointed to the North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors.  She was told by the leadership of that board that it is a conflict of interest to serve in a leadership role with NCCA while serving on the board that licenses professional counselors in North Carolina.  Fortunately, she will remain an active member of our association.

As a result of her resignation, I will assume Presidency of our association for the remainder of her term (2012-2013) and continue through my original term (2013-2014).  This move is in accordance with the by-laws of the North Carolina Counseling Association.  While I had anticipated completing my term of President –Elect this year, I embrace the early move to Presidency and look forward to serving in this role.

As President, I plan to work diligently to ensure our association continues to grow, prosper, and serve counselors, counseling students, and counselor educators across the state of North Carolina.  I once was a counseling student in this state. Later on, I became a school counselor and ultimately a private practitioner, both in NC.  Now as a counselor educator in NC and your President, I am prepared to lead and serve.

I cannot lead and serve alone however.  It takes a concerted effort to effect change and grow as an association.  Therefore, I call on you, as members, to support my efforts, voice your thoughts and feelings of how to advance our association, and serve with me.  We are an association rich in history, and as history dictates, there is “strength in numbers.”  Rally with me as we move forward and empower each other, as professional counselors, for 20/20 and beyond.

I look forward to serving our association!

Jeffrey M. Warren

NCCA President


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